Friday, July 26, 2013

Yung Julezy- Hipsters Gonna Hate

Hipsters Gonna Hate (All in Good Fun)
Hippies been dead
That's what they say
Till I saw somethin funny comin round the way
It was white
It was tiny
Had a skinny little hiney
I thought he'd fall down a crack
S#@&, how'd you get behind me?

At first I thought, yo the dude is bad news
Had two arms covered in tattoos
Bolshevik tee with the coke bottle glasses
Size zero jeans clingin to his asses
Handlebars on the bike
Handlebars on the stache
Probably thought I was bein brash
When I said "sir, do you need some assistance"
And he said "no, come join the resistance"

Maxin on tofu
Chillin on the schwinn
Haters is eatin' good I'm stayin thin
Got 50 cent
I'm the 99 percent
Sleep in an alley
Don't pay the rent
Occupy Wall Street
Occupy the a house
My girl has a beard
And I love modest mouse
Scene thirty deep like the yakuza
Spent my life savings on lollapalooza

Time to contemplate
Drank a PBR
Pimp out a Prius
Roll up to a dive bar
Pixies in the iPod
SnapBack on the dome
Finna roll up on you
And make you read my poem

I think
Therefore I don't know
Stage another protest
Smack another oh, oh
I mean no
That ain't women's lib
Rock another boycott at monsato's crib
Haters find it all alarming
Slangin Dem veggies from urban farming
such a flyspitter
Urban outfitters
Dropping f bombs in his tore up toms"

I said oh s&8%,
You must be mistaken
See I just ate a whole pound of bacon
Feelin disgruntled
Bout to go Jack the Ripper
I never wanna conversate with another hipster