Saturday, July 20, 2013

Michael Moore Loves the High Life

My BOY Michael Moore was recently spotted with the two next most bitter men on the business- none other than Bill Maher and Salman Rushdie.  Moore tweeted a photo of the himself alongside Moe and  Larry with the following caption:

"With Bill Maher and Salman Rushdie.  The caption on the jumbotron read 'Axis of Evil.'"
Here they are with the best seats in the house at the MLB All Star Game.

Just a reminder that these are champions of the working class, and raging anti-capitalists.  Here is an ironic Moore quote:

"Listen friends, you're going to have to face the truth, you are never going to be rich.  The system is rigged in favor of the few and your name is not going to be among them, ever."

...yet there you are with your rich cronies.  And I hoped we would be friends.  Maybe I could get your  bacon eating, self loathing, fake sympathetic ass onto a treadmill.  No Michael, you go ahead and keep some of your most expensive tickets in pro sports (Forbes).  So the system is rigged in their
your favor.

You insinuate the rich are not to be trusted, yet the men you cavort with have silver lined pockets and silver-tongued venom, just like you.  You complain about capitalism, but had no trouble riding it to the deluxe 2 million dollar mansion in the sky.  You say white people scare the crap out of you, yet here you are, a rich white man who enjoys the company of rich white men.   You're about as working class as Limbaugh or Ken Lay.

"There's a gullible side to the American People.
They can be easily misled."
-Michael Moore

...and in light of your celebrity, I wish I could say that you were wrong.

But you're not.

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