Friday, July 26, 2013

Yung Julezy- Hipsters Gonna Hate

Hipsters Gonna Hate (All in Good Fun)
Hippies been dead
That's what they say
Till I saw somethin funny comin round the way
It was white
It was tiny
Had a skinny little hiney
I thought he'd fall down a crack
S#@&, how'd you get behind me?

At first I thought, yo the dude is bad news
Had two arms covered in tattoos
Bolshevik tee with the coke bottle glasses
Size zero jeans clingin to his asses
Handlebars on the bike
Handlebars on the stache
Probably thought I was bein brash
When I said "sir, do you need some assistance"
And he said "no, come join the resistance"

Maxin on tofu
Chillin on the schwinn
Haters is eatin' good I'm stayin thin
Got 50 cent
I'm the 99 percent
Sleep in an alley
Don't pay the rent
Occupy Wall Street
Occupy the a house
My girl has a beard
And I love modest mouse
Scene thirty deep like the yakuza
Spent my life savings on lollapalooza

Time to contemplate
Drank a PBR
Pimp out a Prius
Roll up to a dive bar
Pixies in the iPod
SnapBack on the dome
Finna roll up on you
And make you read my poem

I think
Therefore I don't know
Stage another protest
Smack another oh, oh
I mean no
That ain't women's lib
Rock another boycott at monsato's crib
Haters find it all alarming
Slangin Dem veggies from urban farming
such a flyspitter
Urban outfitters
Dropping f bombs in his tore up toms"

I said oh s&8%,
You must be mistaken
See I just ate a whole pound of bacon
Feelin disgruntled
Bout to go Jack the Ripper
I never wanna conversate with another hipster

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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Trayvon Martin Case Part 3: The Racial Cold War and an Attack on Friendship

In part one of this series, I outlined that I believed Zimmerman had committed an ethical breach and SHOULD have walked away with some punishment (in a perfect world) for manslaughter or something of that nature due to his negligence in the situation.  In the second component, I illustrated that BASED ON THE LAW, as it is written, the jury did come up with the proper verdict.  That and I believe the case was too weak to convict on anyway.

In this third component, I will deal with racism, to the best of my ability in these short paragraphs. 

Can I begin to say that I'm not going to start this post on some prideful, bleeding-heart, self aggrandizing claim that "I love black people."  I will, however, say that I love humans, a large number of which happen to have black features.  And to me, the greatest tragedy of this case is that both white and black feel alienated and misunderstood.  This flys in the face of the abolitionists, the civil rights leaders, the men who died fighting for the Union in the Civil War, and peaceful protesters whose dream was for whites and blacks to INTEGRATE.  The dictionary definition of integrate is: to combine parts together so that they become whole.  We find ourselves once again, divided.

And unnecessarily so.

So let us start with the race politics the media has played with this case.

  1. George Zimmerman is "white."  (He is half latino, half jewish)
  2. This has something to do with how ALL whites as a whole see blacks.  (I hear plenty of stupidity from the hard right.  They represent the fringe of angry, out of touch caucasians.  Each individual's personal opinion and or prejudices are his or her responsibility.)
  3. The jury was racist (if you read the law, there is absolutely no possible way you could say the evidence was compelling enough to convict without ignoring reasonable doubt in light of the stand your ground law.  No compelling evidence of the jurors' personal opinion)
  4. George Zimmerman is a racist/ is not a racist (there is not enough evidence to prove or disprove this claim.  I assert that we couldn't possibly know.)
  5. Trayvon Martin is or is not a racist/ thug/ innocent little boy (His personal expressions are irrelevant.  What's relevant is what actually happened that night.  Although his personal leanings could have played a part, there's no way of knowing what went through his mind that evening).
  6. There weren't enough black people on the jury caused the verdict. ( The prosecution had to approve each juror.)

America is built upon individual liberty, individual rights, and individual responsibility.  This has been made into an issue involving large cultural groups of people who feel they need to fight for themselves as if they are in a war.

But there is no war.

Only distance.  Only negativity, and insults, and misunderstanding, and indifference.

A wise friend of mine once said that the foundation of all racism is ignorance.  I hear bellows of ignorance from every direction.  Some white.  Some black.  All foolish.

So let's start with my favorite target.  The antiquated, bloated, suburbanite, out of touch right wing media.  Rush Limbaugh, who said "It's preposterous that whites are blamed for slavery when they've done more to end slavery than any other race."   Once again, he panders to a demographic of frustrated, out of touch middle class white men with a steady stream of adrenaline infused bullcrap.  What suffers here are honest white men, who are lumped in with sensationalist opinions designed by an attention starved, overgrown baby.

Or Sean Hannity, who has used the tragic death of an individual to blame Obama and Trayvon for smoking pot, perpetuating racial if never smoking pot automatically makes you a good person.

I will not, however, allow the lies on the left a free pass because of my skin color.

"The Reverend" Jesse Jackson, a buzzard of a man looking to swoop in front of any catastrophe and make it all about him and his opinions, is at it again.  Predictably turning everything into a race issue, Jackson has stated that blacks are under attack, that this is backlash for an Obama presidential victory, that this somehow has something to do with blacks having high unemployment rates and home foreclosures.  EARTH TO REVEREND...IT'S A DEPRESSION WE'RE ALL BROKE.  Unemployment rates and home foreclosures are high for everyone.  It's life, Jesse, and it may be easy money for you but we're all under attack.  We're under attack by the insidiousness and divisiveness people like you have sown into our thinking.  I really wish you and Al Sharpton would come out and admit that without racism, you wouldn't have careers.  Pay attention people:  these men have a vested interest in making a scene.  They show up at every tragedy: with Michael Vick's dogfights (although I'm happy Mr. Vick has found some redemption), with the painful saga of the Jena 6, and there you were backing OJ Simpson every step of the way (a man who is believed to be guilty by almost every black person I've heard speak on the subject).  I'm not actually sure what either of these men actually DO for careers, either. You're both "Reverends" but where are your churches?  Where is the forgiveness?  Where are the actual teachings of Jesus Christ, you know, the ones that said that those who believe are now of one body? 

This is profiteering off of tragedy.  It's using Trayvon's dead body as an ATM, which enlightened people understand is dirty business.  This includes prominent members of the black community, including a former head of the NAACP and occasional black activist (he often advocates for minority hiring in sports) NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley

Furthermore, black and white, conservative and liberal have been trading harsh blows over social media.  This case has become a festering wound in race relations, with insanity to go around.  Prominent members of the sports and hip-hop (Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Victor Cruz of the New York Giants) communities have expressed the need for "street justice" on George Zimmerman.


There was a word for racially driven, vigilante executions exercised outside of the court of law in American history.  

It was called lynching.  It was one of the worst atrocities ever committed in American history.  

Guilty or not, the courts exist for a reason.  We cannot be the judge, jury, and executioner or civilization breaks into injustice through individual passion and bias. 

It was evil then.  It's evil now.  And no informed, kind hearted American should ever allow such horror.

The tragedy is that this epidemic, this rage, drives a stake between races.  I define racism as this: evaluating and treating a person as a member of a culture or group when they are, in fact, a unique individual with a unique soul, passions, character, and identity that cannot be contained in a genre or generalization.

It's time we stopped being black and white and latino and asian and whatever other box you check on the standardized form.

It's time we became human.

It's time we became brothers, sisters, and mentors.

It's time we became great friends, as it should have been from the beginning, if not for the greed and arrogance of men. Let us not allow the same greedy men to tear asunder our bonds of affection ever again.  

Many compassionate, brave men and women were beaten, killed, and disgraced so that we could enjoy the company of one another.  So we could EVEN BE in the same building.  So we could marry who we loved instead of who we looked like.  So we could share art, and music, and dance.  So we could watch all of the greatest athletes in the world competing at once.  So we could laugh, and play, and work together, and defend our nation side by side.    That was the vision.  

"It is a time for martyrs now, and if I am to be one, it will be for the cause of brotherhood. That's the only thing that can save this country."
-Malcom X

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Michael Moore Loves the High Life

My BOY Michael Moore was recently spotted with the two next most bitter men on the business- none other than Bill Maher and Salman Rushdie.  Moore tweeted a photo of the himself alongside Moe and  Larry with the following caption:

"With Bill Maher and Salman Rushdie.  The caption on the jumbotron read 'Axis of Evil.'"
Here they are with the best seats in the house at the MLB All Star Game.

Just a reminder that these are champions of the working class, and raging anti-capitalists.  Here is an ironic Moore quote:

"Listen friends, you're going to have to face the truth, you are never going to be rich.  The system is rigged in favor of the few and your name is not going to be among them, ever."

...yet there you are with your rich cronies.  And I hoped we would be friends.  Maybe I could get your  bacon eating, self loathing, fake sympathetic ass onto a treadmill.  No Michael, you go ahead and keep some of your most expensive tickets in pro sports (Forbes).  So the system is rigged in their
your favor.

You insinuate the rich are not to be trusted, yet the men you cavort with have silver lined pockets and silver-tongued venom, just like you.  You complain about capitalism, but had no trouble riding it to the deluxe 2 million dollar mansion in the sky.  You say white people scare the crap out of you, yet here you are, a rich white man who enjoys the company of rich white men.   You're about as working class as Limbaugh or Ken Lay.

"There's a gullible side to the American People.
They can be easily misled."
-Michael Moore

...and in light of your celebrity, I wish I could say that you were wrong.

But you're not.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Trayvon Martin Part 2: Breaking Down Stand Your Ground Law

A lot of talk out there about the Trayvon Martin case.

A lot of talk about the Stand Your Ground Law in Florida.  What is it?

Is it an invitation for NRA crazed, Timothy McVey types to unload full clips at someone on their porch?  Is it the last bastion of American freedom, protecting us from zombies and Bolsheviks?

I think it's time that we found out.  So, if you've been babbling about this law and have never read it, you now have now excuse.  Unless its dyslexia.  Er uhm...I'm sorry...lysdexia.This is a link to the law itself.

The vast majority of the law speaks on forced entry situations which I am in full support of.  It becomes problematic because it is opened to the interpretation of the resident/ property owner, and he/she might misinterpret situations as threats that are not.  However, no law is a complete catch-all.  I fully support the right to defend your home, vehicle, or family from an intruder.

The part of this law that's relevant to the Martin case is the third provision.  That is, if a person who is legally allowed to be in a location is attacked (presumably physically) by another, he or she has the right to meet the assailant with anything up to and including deadly force.  If, of course, the assailed party is not breaking a law his or herself.  Here's the kicker with this law though: the victims life doesn't actually have to be's if the victim believes he or she is in danger of grave bodily harm.

So if I can convince a jury that I believed the nerf gun was a real gun, or a bag of skittles was a glock 9, then I can use deadly force in a stand your ground situation.  This is important because it more or less exonerates Zimmerman in and of itself.  If there was reasonable doubt as to Trayvon attacking first, and that Zimmerman believed his life was endangered, and Zimmerman broke no law in the occupancy of his personal space...then, Zimmerman cannot be statutorily convicted beyond a reasonable doubt.

I actually believe Zimmerman was ethically wrong for running around with a gun on a neighborhood watch shift.  He, essentially, was acting as a sworn officer of the law without the training, background  check, and psychiatric make-up to do real police work.  This is an amateur masquerading as law enforcement.

I'm not sure we should destroy the stand your ground law.

But we need to amend the law before more lunatics decide they want to play The Shield today.  Maybe throw in a provision nullifying the law if the citizen is following the suspect around.

As for Zimmerman? Legally, the verdict was correct.

Ethically...I believe he was guilty of at least manslaughter.  His following of Trayvon was negligent.  Neighborhood watchers should alert law enforcement, not play Officer McGruff.

Dude, Where's My House? Fort Worth, Texas.

So there's this dude in Fort Worth, Texas who was willed a house by his late grandmother.

And came back to the house to find a slab of concrete.

And all the law enforcement could say was, "oops."

We've all heard of amputees getting the wrong leg taken out.  Or children switched at birth.  But in this very special mortgage crisis edition, they done blowed up the wrong place.  What if there were a bed ridden old woman, or a dog, or Nick Nolte passed out somewhere in there? 

Nevermind, no one cares about Nick Nolte.  Not since Blue Chips.

Apparently it was the house next door that was actually scheduled for wrecking.  The city, in fact, sent the demolition crew the incorrect address, then released a statement that "contractors had destroyed the wrong property." 

Funny, the statement kind of makes it sound like the demolition crew was responsible.  

Meanwhile, the family is driving around the street at 15 miles an hour, like "Dude, Where's My House?" They were probably never even acknowledging the fact that this could actually be an actual mistake.  Like a Ty Pennington joins the cast of MTV Jackass kind of mistake.

So when you go home tonight, check the smoke detectors, lock the deadbolt, and check the lawn for moving bulldozers.

Well at least one day, they'll be able to look back on this and laugh.  

The new nickname for the residence: Fort Worthless.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Troll Challenge

This is the part of the site reserved for my challenges to you.  Each post is a question, not a statement, as I explore the principles observed in our society...whatever the hell that means.

The Slippery Slope to Marrying Spider Monkeys

The slippery slope is a logical fallacy.

You know, it's the one your parents always used on went something like this:

"If you stay up late at night, next thing you know you'll be hanging out with the BAD kids.  And you're going to start drinking Mountain Dew.  Soon it'll be Skol Vodka with the Mountain Dew, and then you're going to do drugs, like that poor boy I heard about on the news.  They said he was popping Sally's or Polly's or Stacey's  like those rappers.  You're gonna be hanging around with this Chief Keef and drinking robitussin...and eventually be turning tricks in Gary, Indiana for a pimp with a fake gold tooth named Raul. DON'T EXPECT ME TO BAIL YOU OUT THEN!"

DirecTV has a multimillion dollar advertising campaign based on such a rationale.

It's the most frustrating method of argument because it strings together causal relationships faster than you can object, and generally it's someone spitting mad launching them at you.  While foaming at the mouth. 

Slippery slope is also a frequently used conservative argument against initiatives for gay marriage.  Some of the things you hear are flat out retarded.  Like "oh if you can marry another man today, then maybe I can marry household cleaning products tomorrow.  I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU MAN AND 60 INCH FLATSCREEN TV WITH DELUXE MLB PACKAGE." (Actually, that sounds pretty  good).  

Gay rights activists seem to believe a expansion of state recognized marriage provisions will stop only with same-gender couples.  However, there are others who are using the slippery slope argument to justify marriage for other groups (and I mean large groups) of people.  I found this in a rather popular Chicago blog earlier today.  This is totally whack. In fact, reason number 5 is basically "Because I get to bang a lot of chicks."

So ladies, do you really feel like sharing your man with 7 or 8 other women?  Having to sleep by yourself while your husband is cuddling your other, other wife?  How about being the bride, the maid of honor and the freaking flower girl at the same time?

Gentlemen, do you really honestly think you can handle the emotional needs and relationship time required for 4 or 5 or 6 women?  And a job?

Kids will be stuck sharing one father between three or four families.  Although my father wasn't perfect, I couldn't imagine having 1/4 or 1/5 of a Dad.  Yes, some people grow up with none.  My heart goes out to you.   But, plenty of research supports that children with a present father are better off in life.  Having to share one with 3 other families is a cruel thing to do to a child.  And that's where this line of thought is wrong: once again we're justifying what we want by our own desire, and ignoring the health of the following generation.  Here is another article, this time in blogs for the economist, using the slippery slope fallacy to move from homosexuality to polygamy.

So where does it stop?  Is there a place to restrict marriage?  Heterosexual monogamy?  Is it any monogamy?  Polygamy?  Homosexual polygamy?  Pan sexual polygamy?  Can I marry a cousin (wait, Jerry Lee Lewis already did that)? Animals?  Blow up dolls?

You tell me where you draw the line.  But if the only justification of marriage choices is sexual preference- then there is no logical hard line as to where marrying something becomes wrong.

I really am curious as to what you think should constitute a legal marriage.  Your thoughts are welcome.

Trayvon Martin Part 1: What the Hell Happened Out There?

The peasants are pounding at the proverbial gate.

They demand more Trayvon Martin coverage.

They kind of demand it like a child demands a hamster.  At first it's fresh, new, stimulating.  Then, several months go by, and the hamster becomes a forgotten relic. A reminder of things unnecessary.  A puff ball in a mound of turds.

And while many of you would love to leave Trayvon and Zimmerman and Stand Your Ground and all of the senseless pandering to fester in a mound of steaming rodent feces, I think we need to come to a conclusion as to what we just witnessed.  What do we actually know about what happened? What can we reasonably guess?  What's a bunch of emotional bullcrap?  What the SAM HELL DO SKITTLES (other than being sugary sweet and delicious) HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?  WHO CARES IF ZIMMERMAN IS HALF LATINO?  Why is everyone freaking out?  What idiot said this was the grown up Trayvon?

Apparently no one noticed that a 32 year old famous platinum rapper with an LA tattoo on his face could not have been a 17 year old adolescent from Florida.  

This is an indicator of just how far we've wandered from anything remotely true.  And since kangaroo courts are being held all over the internet and likely all over the United States, let us convene our own kangaroo court right here.  

I give you, the trial of George Zimmerman:

For this first segment, I'm going to ignore anything about race or previous character concerns.  This just deals with what we know of what happened.  
Here is what we know:

George Zimmerman was specifically excited about being involved in the neighborhood watch.  So much so that he called police 46 times since 2004 and often took a very vigilant, almost paranoid approach to neighborhood watch.  He carried a gun because of a pit bull complaint, but began using it on neighborhood watch assignments anyway.  Neighbors reactions to his vigilance were mixed.  Some felt that he was truly investigating thefts (which there had been a rash of) and others felt he bordered on paranoid and authoritarian.  Apparently, he once ran a youth down for stealing a bike just based on "looking suspicious."

Ok. Break. We know this type.  He ain't the grand wizard of the KKK, or the Son of Sam, or even someone cool and tough like Rambo.  This is a community college student, trying desperately to make his life matter, and attempting to find his self worth in a neighborhood watch program.  He wanted to be Clint Eastwood, but wound up being Paul Blart: Mall Cop instead.  Look like Tarzan, police work like Jane.

So there is enough evidence to confirm overzealous behavior on Zimmerman's part, but nothing to suggest that he was violently running down black people at his own leisure. What this is is the worst Hemingway hero, ever.  

Meanwhile, it doesn't really matter who Trayvon was prior to the shooting, because Trayvon isn't on trial.  Except for the weed in his system at the time of death...because weed makes you paranoid.  Especially for someone younger and smaller, who may not have been as experienced as your Bill Walton or Snoop Lion types.  

BUT here is a link to a conflicting opinion: the autopsy results revealed that THC traces were too low to have likely been consumed in the past 24 hours, either that or the amount was so negligible that paranoia could not have resulted.  A link to the article: a neuroscientist's opinion.

This is relevant later.  And now...the full 911 call.  

This video captures the call in its entirety.  From it we learn several things:

  1. Anyone remember The Blair Witch Project?  That's what Zimmerman sounds like here.  Super freaked out but stupid enough to give chase anyway.  He's sounds like a child lost at sea talking about the thing Martin is holding and hand near his waistband, but follows him anyway.  Also, he nearly poops his pants over Martin looking at him hard.
  2. Everyone made a huge deal about him saying "coon."  I never heard "coon"...but there was a lot of incoherent mumbling.  He did call him a "punk" and an "asshole" definitively, though.  This suggests that Zimmerman had Trayvon labeled as a threat before approaching.
  3. Zimmerman was warned several times by law enforcement not to approach, but did anyway.  Instead of peeling off and meeting the cops at the location of his choosing (clubhouse, etc.) Zimmerman specifically asked them to call him on arrival for a meet-up.  To me that is a slight indicator that Zimmerman approached Trayvon, and not the other way around.  But, that's conjecture.  NOT FACT, NECESSARILY.
  4. Since Zimmerman is oddly stalking him through an apartment complex (which is creepy and threatening), it is not without possibility that Trayvon Martin went on the offensive and struck first.  But it is not without possibility that Zimmerman instigated contact or confrontation suspecting that Martin was armed (and just ended up getting physically bested).  Either way, Zimmerman had moved in an authority and a responsibility way outside his position and was totally out in left field on this one.  Even if Martin was a burglar (which no evidence confirms), this show of aggression was over the top.

The main issue was the following, the paranoid behavior, and the odd ranting about "they always get away with it."  Nothing here infers racism explicitly.  And the trial isn't about racism.  The trial is about murder.  To me, beyond a reasonable doubt, a wrong was committed by Zimmerman.  It doesn't seem right that he walks in this case: excessive force was used and his paranoia at work, negligence, and inability to follow directions resulted in the loss of a life.  Trayvon's age, ethnicity, sociological background are irrelevant, as is the background of the defendant.  Ethically, Zimmerman is guilty of at least manslaughter.  Murder shows premeditated intent, and that's more of a stretch if you're talking reasonable doubt.

If I get to write the laws, Zimmerman goes away for a while.  

I'd also give everyone a llama, because they spit at people and that's funny.

Legally?  Well that depends on the Florida Stand-Your-Ground Law, which we'll look at next.